Friendship of Caring Friends

You came along
When I needed you most,
You held my hand,
You held me close.
You showed me that
The sun will shine
And that life isn't bad
All the time.

You gave me a hug
When I needed it most,
Sometimes virtual,
Sometimes real.
Somehow you always
Seem to know
Exactly how I feel.

You have a shoulder
For me to lean on
When I cannot stand alone,
You help me see
That I am strong,
And I'm never on my own.

I'm so grateful for all
That everyone has done for me,
And I have been from the start,
And each night I look up
And thank the stars
For all my wonderful friends
With such a caring heart

Anne aka Whitelady


Founder/Owner of CF

Born in Holland, but now living in Tasmania, Australia. Married to Stuart with 2 daughters, Francis, and Lisa who  still lives at home as she needs my full care. 

I have 2 grandchildren, 24 year old girl Granddaughter Kirsten and 22 yr old grandson Nathan

One Tibetan Spaniel Jazz and a Rag doll cat bear). My hobbies  are my Cherished Friends  PSP, Internet



Our first ever Honorary Member
 Was Awarded in Cherished Friends Nov 22th 2007.



 leader in tubes and font heaven
Leader of CF-TF
Ma1- was Awarded Honorary Member Sep 24 2008

 CF_Angelic_Whispers Asst leader
CF Moderator



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