Cherished friends what does the name mean?
It means you are cherished
loved for who you are
and kindnesses shown are from the heart
one sees this gift from the start

Caring, sharing is what this group is all about
and special kindnesses bestowed are so
because the hearts of our Members make it so
and every day is a blessing
that is bestowed on our Members
near or far

A place where we can
'get' and 'give'
encouragement as needed
A place where we are greatly
encouraged to be
"our own true self'.
All I can say is.

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Welcome to Cherished Friends.
We are a small group of friends who gather together
 And as time goes on, we will be acquiring new members, new friends, and new faces,
 along with some fun! Any and all suggestions for committees and activities are encouraged and welcome. We will place them under consideration as we form the foundation of Cherished Friends.
Our goal is to become a great internet group. With your help and interest, we will get there. If you have a friend or a family member that you feel would be interested in CF, please contact me In private
And I would be happy to send them an invitation on your behalf as your group leader. 
I do not wish to inflict rules or regulations as such.

We are a group who has formed in friendship to develop a sisterhood
around the world. However,
as with all gatherings we should set a few limits
in order to maintain a group free of discontent.
CF consists of women of all nationalities coming together
to promote kindness, support, and generosity to our fellow sisters

The following guidelines were developed to insure that CF runs smoothly.
all manner of complaints are to be sent to me Anne AKA Whitelady Owner CF
  I will deal with the matter as soon as possible
We believe these guidelines to be flexible
and fair in meeting everyone's needs.
First and most importantly, communication is the key
to our success in forming bonds of lasting friendship.
Anne Aka Whitelady




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