GUIDELINES for Cherished Friends

1 You must be 18 years of age, of any nationality, race, creed, colour, and/or country. (Age requirement in special cases will be considered).

2. Your website must be suitable for family viewing. (A website is not a requirement when joining CF), and contain no adult material, hatred, racism, prejudice, beliefs, or pornography.

 3. The most important rule in CF is to have FUN!! However this should not be in any form that hurts or offends another member, at any time. Obnoxious, unfriendly behaviour is not welcome in CF.

 The Founder of CF will make all final decisions in their leadership capacity, and it is within that capacity that they have the right and the ability to terminate any membership deemed necessary.

4.No picture images/ of Nudity or Semi-Nudity or Pornographically Inclined will be permitted in any emails through any Committee Group and/or chat emails. Nor must you Solicit your group or groups in email postings.

5. All important messages and information that will be to you by the Founder of CF through the CF News, a mandatory list that all members will automatically be signed up upon joining. Only I and Co- founder can post to this list.

6. When joining CF, please provide your server email address along with an alternate email address.


 Owner/ Founder

 Anne aka Whitelady


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