Hi, I would like to tell you a bit about Willy and how we met:
In July 2000 I got myself a second hand computer .
 I looked at that pc for days not knowing how to turn it on.
After a few weeks ,whilst surfing the net and  looking at shitzu sites, I came across Willy's website,  her Shihtzu's were really beautiful ,oh I just loved them, so I signed  her guestbook.
  This is how we started a great friendship Willie would email nearly every day as did I,  then she told me to download Msn,
 I did this and every night at 7.00pm my time,
 we would meet on msn ,for one hour or so, where Willy
also told me about a program called PSP.
You should have heard me lol, no way will I ever learn this Willy, with the reply, Oh yes you will, Lol, you have to,
 I will help you so she send me psp 7 in Dutch hehehe, I could not follow Dutch very well in those days, l then got a download in English,  not sure how I did it, but I did.
That's when the fun began, so we would play in psp together whist on msn, there was no mic's in those days anyway 
Willy has taught me a lot ,she was one of the greatest friends anyone could ever wish for.
Willy then introduced me to another lady her name was Barbara she also lives in Holland, she was very good in making websites, so we got know each other,
  so now we are the three musketeers
Barbara made my first website along with Willy and my Sister who would try and translate things to Barb as her English was not as good as Willy's.
 Willy was a very busy lady always on the run with her shih Tzu she owned 38 at that time as she was one of the top breeders in Holland , lol I always tried to get one from her but she would not send a puppy all the way to Australia.
Our friendship grew and we became more like sisters, Willy has taught me almost everything I now know in PSP
We used to have a Group
It was Willy that kept pushing me to re open Cherished Friends, after I got out of hospital along with  a few other ladies here in CF, so I re-opened Cherished Friends with Willy being the Co- Owner,
Most of all it was Willy that pushed me into doing it and I and ever so glad she did .   
 Any way the night before she was called away Saturday late afternoon for me yeah its was 4.30 am in Holland .
 she wanted to talk to me so we went to yahoo and  we laugh and laugh she was telling me all about her birthday party boy did she misbehave lol.
 She even had a few drinks she was very happy, but was also telling me she had some pain in her stomach , but that was nothing to her, I told to take herself to the DR, she said no way they are only after money to tell you have a bug,
 it will be gone in the morning .
I told her to get her butt to bed ,of course she would not go, she wanted me to help her make some graphics for the Celebration committee  so we sat there , this time it was I helping her
 Anyway her time around 7.30 am  I could hear she was getting very tired  I told her to get to bed as it was already morning
She was very stubborn and said no, I had to do this, but I made her go to bed.
 The next day I was informed by her son she was gone,
  to a better place where there is no more pain
and this ended  a wonderful friendship.
 Willy will always be part of me, deep within my heart,
 she will stay there until we meet again.
Love you
Rest In Peace


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